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Apollo Digital: Rising to the Top as the Digital Marketing Start-Up of the Year.

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, emerging as a standout performer requires innovative strategies, a visionary team, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Apollo Digital, a trailblazing agency based in Sri Lanka, embodies all these qualities and more, recently earning the prestigious title of "Digital Marketing Start-Up of the Year" at the highly acclaimed Lanka Business Awards held at Taj Samudra. Organized by BWIO USA, these awards celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of businesses in Sri Lanka across various industries.

Directors of Apollo Digital (Chief Executive Officer: Chevaan Wickremasinghe , Chief Operating Officer : Shavendra Rajapakse , Chief Financial Officer : Sadhan Jayasuriya

Unprecedented Growth Sets Apollo Digital Apart

Apollo Digital has experienced a level of growth that few agencies in Sri Lanka have ever witnessed. This ascent to success is a testament to their dedication to delivering exceptional digital marketing services, meeting and exceeding client expectations. As a start-up, their ability to rapidly adapt to industry trends, harness cutting-edge technologies, and offer tailored solutions has set them apart in the competitive digital marketing landscape. The award ceremony at Taj Samudra, organized by BWIO USA, showcased the brightest stars in the Sri Lankan business arena. It was here that Apollo Digital was recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field of digital marketing. Their unwavering commitment to delivering results, fostering client relationships, and pushing the boundaries of digital marketing innovation has truly earned them this esteemed title.

A Well-Deserved Honor Collected by Apollo Digital’s Key Leadership

The award was proudly collected by Apollo Digital's key leadership team - Chevaan Wickremasinghe, the Chief Executive Officer, Shavendra Rajapakse, the Chief Operating Officer, and Sadhan Jayasuriya, the Chief Financial Officer. This achievement is a testament to their strategic vision, leadership, and dedication to steering Apollo Digital towards unprecedented success.

Chevaan Wickremasinghe, the CEO of Apollo Digital, expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the hard work and commitment put in by the entire team. He highlighted how the award motivates Apollo Digital to continue innovating and delivering top-notch digital marketing solutions to their clients.

Shavendra Rajapakse, the COO, underlined the significance of this award, stating that it reaffirms their belief in their strategic direction and encourages them to strive for even greater heights.

Sadhan Jayasuriya, the CFO, emphasized the importance of teamwork and how this award reflects the collective effort of every individual at Apollo Digital. This accolade marks a significant milestone for Apollo Digital, encouraging them to push boundaries, drive growth, and maintain their position as a leading force in the digital marketing industry.

Chief Executive Officer; Chevaan Wickremasinghe receiving the award along with key leadership.

Apollo Digital's success story serves as an inspiration to emerging start-ups and established players in the digital marketing realm. Their journey showcases the power of innovation, dedication, and client-centricity in achieving remarkable growth and recognition on a global stage. We eagerly await what Apollo Digital has in store for the future, confident that their journey will continue to inspire and reshape the digital marketing landscape.

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