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How we helped Prime Culture sell out in 3 days!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Prime Culture is one of Sri Lanka's leading athleisure brands and we are proud to say that they are one of our oldest clients.

This client trusted us with the freedom to establish and execute digital strategy and we believe we did this better than anyone else. Prime Culture's latest clothing line called 'The Urban Collection' sold out in just 3 days because of several moving factors that we managed.

Our team of creatives curated the most stunning content of Prime Culture's latest line by using a production to convey a story to the audience. How a brand narrates their story is extremely important because a business that controls the narrative is a business that can move units. Not only do we control narrative but we consistently build the Prime Culture brand not just through the content we create but also through the collaborations and partnerships with other content creators that we help foster.

In addition to this, there is a multitude of other factors that go into executing an effective campaign. For instance, the marketing strategy makes a significant impact on the amount of leads generated and converted. Our strategy team spends time understanding market trends and consumer behavior to draft the most effective strategy. We run a series of tests and carry out various methods of research and analysis to ensure the content we create is seen by the right audience. Furthermore, this enables us to ensure that we are consistently on trend and growing with the marketing because our practices result in dynamic strategies.

We're proud to say that Prime Culture is one of the many clients we helped grow

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